We at Ningen LLC are always looking for new talents, friends, coworkers and like minded people. If you are anyway interested in the growing Japanese and Western pop culture community, we encourage you to join us!

There are no full time position available as of yet but we are always looking for volunteers, cosplay ambassadors, representatives and any one else that would like to spread the word of the Ningen Life. All jobs are per contract or volunteer basis, and opened to anyone 18 years or older and legal to work in the U.S. Unfortunately, boarding and transportation are not included. If you are interested in joining us at all the conventions and events or are an interest media influencer, please fill in the form below.


If you are new to the workforce or would like to check out many of the events and conventions we attend, you can apply to be a volunteer at Ningen Life. Volunteers are non-paid but do get lots of perks! The only requirements we have for becoming a volunteer is that you work at least 2, 4 hour shifts during any of our events.

Cosplay Ambassador

Being a cosplay ambassador is perfect for anyone that loves to cosplay during the conventions and get paid doing it. Our main requirements to be a cosplay ambassador is that you are social, friendly, and would need to work at least an 8 hour shift during any of our events.

Perks of working with us
  • Full admissions to the event with Exhibitor's pass
  • Early Exhibitor's access to the event
  • Outrageous employee discounts on all the items we sell at the convention
  • Paid Lunch and paid dinner (if you plan to hang out with us for dinner)
  • Professional photoshoot by our own professional cosplay photographers, for Cosplay Ambassadors
  • Valuable experience in the pop culture retail industry
  • Lots of exposures