Haise Sasaki Tokyo Ghoul RE: 1/8 Scale ARTFX J Figure

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From Kotobukiya to the World! The ARTFX J Series brings characters that are popular in
Western audiences to their fans throughout the world. The latest addition to the ARTFX J line
is the main character from Tokyo Ghoul: re, the 2018 anime adaptation of the sequel manga
to the popular Tokyo Ghoul series, Haise Sasaki!

Haise’s peaceful expression reveals his personality as the relaxed yet reliable Mentor of the
Quinx squad. His flowing coat and Quinque “Yukimura 1/3” are recreated in elaborate detail.

In addition to the default expression, the statue also comes with an extra “awakened” face
part portraying his red kakugan, which stands in stark contrast with his default mellow
expression. The duality represented by the two face parts and the high level of detail
rendered in the sculpting and coloring make this ARTFX J statue one you won’t want to miss!

More Information
Product LineCharacter
SeriesTokyo Ghoul
SizeApprox. 8.66" in
MaterialABS & PVC
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