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Earn Life Points

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent. Every 70 Life Points redeems into $1 USD

Redeem Life Points

Use up your life points for any items in our stores when checking out. Ningen Life Points that never expire, unlike the other guys.

Ningen Life Points are the best in the industry (so we hope!). So start building up your Ningen Life Points! Ningen Life Points will never expire as long as you keep your Ningen account in good standing. No limits on how many Life Points you can earn. Use your Life Points on any products we sell in our store. No limits on how many Life Points you can spend at one time! Build your Life Points and redeem for products and services! Our Ningen Life Points will accrue beginning July 1, 2018. Past orders and participating will not be valid but for all previous customers, you will get a bonus for being a past customer. 

Current Life Point Rate is 70 Life Points equal to $1 USD!

Every $300 spent with us earns you an extra 300 Life Points. You do not need to purchase from us to start earning Life Points!

We will always announce more ways of earning Life Points through our social media networks, following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagramand Youtube to learn of ways to earn Life Points towards your purchase! And if you do follow us, you get some Life Points too!

Here are some simple and quick ways to get an early Life Point boost,

  • 15 Life Points for registering an account on our store.
  • 15 Life Points for subscribing to our newsletter (we also announce ways to earn points there)
  • 75 Life Points, for visiting us at the convention and drop your name in our box
  • 140 Life Points, for every product review you make!

Rules and regulations (do not break the rules or you will forfeit all your Ningen Life Points)

  1. You must be logged into your Ningen Life Account at the time of purchase to earn Life Points. Please sign-up prior to making a purchase.
  2. Do not make duplicate accounts. One account per address. If we suspect duplicate accounts, fraud or any malicious activities, we will suspend your account and you will forfeit all your Life Points.
  3. Ningen Life Points are only valid and rewarded when participating in Ningen Life stores, retail outlets, media outlets and any other outlets that is controlled solely by Ningen Life's team. Life Points are not valid and rewarded through third-party channels, such as Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart, etc. Some exceptions and restrictions may apply.

* Disclaimer: *Rules and restrictions apply, subject to change without notice. Life Points are non-transferable, has no cash value and may not be exchanged for cash or gift cards. Ningen Life Points will be forfeited if fraud or malicious activities are conducted within the Ningen life's network. Accounts must be in good standing and has not violated any policies or restrictions. Ningen Life, Ningen LLC, reserves all rights to deduct, remove and suspend points at our discretion. If your account gets suspended for any reason, you will lose all your Life Points and may not be recovered. Please respect us and not abuse the system, and we will do the same.